Here are some before-and-after pics that prove staging’s efficacy.

In today’s case study of the power of proper staging: a vintage condominium in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago that had been fully remodeled 13 years ago and is presently in good condition. Starting at 1:36 in the video above, you’ll see some before-and-after photos of rooms in the property—the former having been taken by the latest top-model iPhone camera, the latter having been captured by our professional photographers post-staging. It’s clear just how beneficial a professional’s use of digital image correction tools can be. 

People relate better to fully furnished properties because they have a hard time otherwise understanding how the dimensions of their possessions will square with the dimensions of the space they’re seeing online. How big is my couch? Would my lamp look good in that corner, or would it seem a little too awkward? Where would I hang artwork?

“Staging fosters that all-important leap in a buyer’s mind from ‘This is a nice place’ to ‘Wow, I can see myself living here.’”

Speaking of which, artwork has a huge psychological and emotional effect on people; if we go into a property void of decorations, the buyer’s interaction with the home would be fundamentally different. It’s not that the walls would somehow seem to be in worse condition, but rather that the artwork so greatly enhances the feel of the space. Towels and a few tiny, appropriate decorations can make bathrooms feel cozy and homey. With staged dining rooms, buyers will be able to get a baseline of many guests they’d be able to entertain and what they could then do with the space to make it reflect their tastes. 

Ultimately, we aim to facilitate that all-important leap in a buyer’s mind from “This is a nice place” to “Wow, I can see myself living here,” or, “I can imagine how my family would use these spaces.” Staging shows the buyers what it could be like to live in a property. Instead of scratching their head and wondering whether their couch will fit, buyers can truly engage with the spaces. Remember: The initial decision to buy a property is largely an emotional one; logic is used retroactively to justify the positive feelings. 

Hopefully, this case study has helped you to understand how even the most gorgeous, move-in ready properties benefit from professional staging and photography. If you have further questions on this or any other topic or are thinking about making a move soon, please feel free to reach out by phone or email. We’d love to hear from you and consult you on a wide range of options for staging your home and preparing it such that it fetches top dollar on the market.