Here’s how we’re still conducting business during the pandemic.

Today I’m answering a couple of questions we keep getting asked during the pandemic. First, yes, we’re still doing business. We’re using photos, virtual videos, and floorplans to view properties. If the house is vacant, I can go to the property and do FaceTime calls with clients so they can see a live tour. 

We’re taking many precautions when doing anything on-site, including wearing gloves and masks, using antiseptic wipes, limiting contact with surfaces, following social distancing guidelines, and reducing the number of people on-site. If you don’t absolutely need to see the home in person, we encourage you not to be there. We’ve used virtual technology for years in the real estate industry because it can reduce friction when doing business, but now we’ve begun using online documentation such as DocuSign. If you’re unfamiliar with it, we can provide a quick demonstration. 

“Even during the health crisis, life is still happening.”

Even during the health crisis, life is still happening. People are having life events like births, job changes, relocations, and more. Plenty of people still need to move. Though there has been a reduction in real estate transactions, we’re still seeing 30% to 35% of our regular volume.

If you have further questions, please give me a call or send an email. I would love to speak with you.