Today we’re counting down the top three mistakes that home sellers make when they put their home on the market.

3. Not saying “yes” to a showing request. You should always say yes. The buyer and the buyer’s agent have carved out time in their schedules to come and see your home. If we ask them to schedule for another day, ask to move the time, or decline altogether, we may never hear from them again. Even if we follow up and ask them to please reschedule, they will probably go out and find another home.

2. They don’t rise to the occasion and prepare the property to show in the best light possible. It’s so important that your property looks great. Make sure that you declutter, clean, and make repairs and updates. With wide-angle lenses and enhanced photographs, our first sale is online. Your home has to look amazing online, or the buyer may not come into your home to start with.

“You should always say “yes” to a showing request.”

1. They refuse to listen to market data and price the home correctly for the market conditions. You cannot afford to overprice your home. When you are getting your home ready for the market, it’s important to pay attention to market conditions and price your home accordingly.

Those are the three most important things you should keep in mind when preparing to sell your home.

If you are thinking of selling your home and would like to know what your home is worth in the current market, just give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!