Here are the three steps you should take to buy a home during COVID-19.

This question is on many people’s minds right now: “I want to buy a home, but how can I do it during a pandemic?” I’m sharing three easy steps you can take to get this done in 2020. 

1. Get pre-approved. No matter when you’re buying, this is a crucial first step. You need to know what your budget and parameters are. Lending guidelines have changed a bit during the health crisis, so your pre-approval must be up to date. This also gives you the upper hand when submitting offers. 

“You need to know what your budget and parameters are.”

2. Virtually connect to discuss your goals. Your real estate agent needs to know the locations you’re considering, the type of property you want, and must-haves.

3.Make a list. Your agent will help you create a list of active properties that match your criteria and budget. This can be done easily; online you can view virtual and 3D tours before seeing the home in person. Then we can visit properties with social distancing and other safety measures. 

If you or anyone you know has questions about buying in 2020 or real estate in general, reach out via phone or email. We would love to help you.