Welcome to Part Two of our series on investing in short-term rentals. Joining me again is Rees , a client of ours who has recently used short-term rentals in her investing strategy.

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In the first part of this series, Rees explained the return she received on this investment. Initially, returns were in the single digits. From a percentage standpoint, though, short-term rentals produced a 50% higher return than long-term rentals. Her family also decided to outsource the management of these properties, so they hired a company who handles the management of similar internal units, and that 50% was after that management company’s fees.

When it comes to managing the property itself, her workload has decreased because their management company, like most management companies, has a handyman on call for maintenance issues within short-term properties. Many people wonder how much time they’ll have to devote to managing residential rental property, and the answer is usually less than you think.

“Always have a good team in place when investing in short-term rentals”

Rees has two main points of advice for anyone thinking about buying an investment property. The first is to leave a little bit of a buffer from a dollar standpoint, especially with short-term rentals. This is because there is a little bit of upfront capital investment required, and issues can arise that you’ll need money set aside for.

It’s also critical to have a good team in place. Rees had a great real estate attorney and a home inspector working for her, and they advised her against buying a different property that would’ve caused her a lot of headaches.

We want to thank Rees for joining us today to help us explore the topic of short-term rentals. If you have any more questions about investing in short-term rentals, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you.